3 Layer Hemp Insert

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3 Layer Hemp Insert

Happy Flute hemp cotton inserts are made from all-natural materials, making them ideal for babies of all ages! Each has 3 layers of hemp cotton fabric, which is a standard blend of 55% hemp and 45% cotton. They contain no synthetic materials (like fleece, charcoal bamboo, or microfiber), meaning no bulk! These inserts are perfect for those wanting a slim diaper option that still holds for hours. Hemp is the most absorbent material made into diapers, so these are perfect for super heavy wetters and overnights! It does absorb slowly, so for the best combination pair with 1 bamboo terry insert on top. 

These inserts are perfect for using inside of pockets, covers, or as extra absorbency in an AIO diaper. They fit in any standard one size diaper (OS). Inserts measure 13" x 5". Hemp cotton inserts can be washed along with any other diaper laundry, and can withstand the dryer at any heat. Hemp needs 12-15 washes before reaching maximum absorbency, so continue using and washing them until you notice an increase in absorbent capacity. 

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