Fluffy Dragon OS Cover - Puzzle

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Fluffy Dragon OS Cover - Puzzle
Fluffy Dragon OS Cover - Puzzle

Fluffy Dragon diaper covers are custom made to the highest quality standards and will be a comfortable and stylish diapering option for your baby.

Made from a durable waterproof and breathable PUL fabric. They have double gussets for extra leak protection in the leg area.  The back gusset also helps contain mess and leaks.  On the inside, there is a flap that can hold inserts, prefolds, flour sack towels.  This cover can also be used with fitted diapers.

These are a one size fits all cover, meaning this can be used from birth to potty training.


They can be reused several times before washing, making this extra convenient.  Simply wipe dry and put in a dry insert.  

Care:  Machine washable, hang dry.

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