Hybrid Fitted All in One

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Hybrid Fitted All in One
Hybrid Fitted All in One

These Hybrid Fitted diapers are a new unique style of AIO.   It is a cross between an AIO (all-in-one) and a fitted diaper, commonly called a Hybrid Fitted. 

The body of the diaper is made from bamboo velour material, which is very absorbent and soft against baby's bum (softer then velvet!).  Sewn into the body are 3 layers of bamboo cotton under the bamboo velour top layer. The outside is  printed PUL material - which is waterproof to protect against any leaks.  Because the hybrid fitted has a PUL layer sewn onto the outside, no additional diaper cover is needed! There is one snap in insert for additional absorbency, which has another 3 layers of bamboo cotton + a bamboo velour topper.   

These fit babies 8-35 lbs. The rows of rise snaps on the front help adjust the size of the diaper to fit babies from birth to potty training! They also have overlapping hip snaps, which help get a snug fit on small babies. 

Easy to wash and dry on medium or high heat.

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