Newborn Hybrid Fitted All in One

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Newborn Hybrid Fitted All in One
Newborn Hybrid Fitted All in One

Hybrid diapers are a cross between a fitted diaper, and an all-in-one (AIO). They have all of the absorbency of a fitted, but because there is a waterproof PUL layer sewn on the outside, no extra cover is needed! These have more absorbency than a typical AIO, because the entire inside of the diaper is absorbent, as well as extra layers in the wet zone. 

The hidden absorbency in the wet zone is 3 layers of microfiber. The inside of the diaper is 100% organic cotton, which is super absorbent! Organic cotton is also one of the softest materials, perfect for newborn's bums. Organic cotton fabric is also recommended for babies that are allergic to synthetic materials.The outside is colorful printed waterproof PUL. They have overlapping hip snaps for a snug fit on tiny newborns. These fit babies 6-18 lbs, so they are a good medium sized diaper. 

These can be washed along with any other diapers, and can withstand the dryer at medium or low heat. 

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